My mother and I.   Unarguably, the worst possible 2 women to stumble across a stray anything. Before the deep freeze- in the parking lot at a store, we spotted the tiniest, most lonely kitten. Yes, we looked for an owner, left our phone number at the store and brought her home. I drove home plotting how to break the news of a foundling to my husband as if he actually had a choice in the matter. He’s smart enough to know what battles to pick. LOL

I would totally do this.

Did someone dump her in the parking lot? Were there siblings we didn’t see? How long was she there? Where did she come from? What did she eat? How cold was she? Where did she sleep? Am I the only one who thinks like this?

We saw our vet, had her checked, given tests and then she was introduced to our other animals.   She was home like she had always been here…where she is loved and belongs. This week, Sami will be spayed and microchipped…just like our other fur babies. An unplanned kitty extra expense we didn’t plan on, ask for and would do again.

Am I the only one who thinks these irrational animal lover thoughts? Apparently not. I might have passed on this genetic trait to my own children. “Will she be scared? Will she think we dumped her like in the parking lot? Will she think we don’t want her anymore? Will she know we are coming back for her? Does she know we are doing this because we love her?”

Someone, tell me that supposedly, like a goldfish, she has a 4-second memory.  Judging from the fact that she finds the litter box, knows what the food sounds like when opened and knows exactly where the treats are kept and will open the cupboard to get them when we are in the kitchen…I assume her memory is good.

Animals don’t lie.  They treat every day as if it is a special occasion. They don’t pretend to like you.  They either do or they don’t. The ones that like you, like you even when you are a jerk. Even if you take them for elective surgery…right?

(I know, I know…all my other animals have had the same thing done, and they survive to still love me.  But EVERY. DAMN. TIME.  I have these thoughts.)

So, we will get this icky feeling yet very important thing done this week, and get back to the job of general kitty love and pampering.