“The Simpsons”  Do you still watch this show? Yesterday Fox renewed it for TWO more seasons . . . the show’s 31st and 32nd.  And by the end of that 32nd in 2021, it’ll have aired 713 episodes, which is nuts.

And there’s no indication that these are the last two seasons . . . so who knows.

If you’re like me, you stopped watching “The Simpsons” DECADES ago . . . but believe it or not, it’s still drawing a significant audience.

This season it’s averaging 4.1 million viewers, but that number increases to 7.5 million per episode when you include delayed viewing and steaming.

In the early ’90s, “The Simpsons” was drawing more than 20 million per episode.  And it continued with at least 10 million through Season 16 in 2004 and 2005, which was now 14 years ago.

It’s been declining steadily ever since . . . at least in the nightly ratings.  But, it’s still doing well enough to be worth producing and shelling out ungodly amounts of cash to the show’s stars.  I read the voice cast was making around $300,000 each per episode.

Can a girl get a voice over job?  LOL