When I was growing up, we had a big closet full of games.  We would get board games for holidays and watch for the newest commercials-so we knew what to beg for!

Remember these?

This one drove me nuts. Aptly named, I suppose.  Although I loved the sound of the Pop-O-Matic, the pointy pieces were hard to pick up and move around the board. You had to land on your opponents’ pieces to knock them off the board.

 Image: Board Game Geek

I loved this one! One part Battleship, one part Ker Plunk! Move the slide bars to make your opponents marbles drop while trying to keep your own from disappearing!

Image: Board Game Geek

How about this one? Trying to make your way through the house haunted by Ghoulish Gerta, Wanda the Wicked and Glenda the Good!

Image: Board Game Geek

Today, I am obsessed with the Escape Room type games on my phone or tablet-less pieces to use, but still not the same fun as breaking out an old board game!

What were some of your favs?