I get up early…like ridiculously early.  We are talking pre 4 am. There is always someone in the house up EARLIER than me.  The CAT.  We are crazy animal lovers and of the 2 cats (and 2 dogs), one princess cat, “Miss Mimi” has never missed the opportunity to beat the clock and wake me up or be right there the moment the alarm goes off. This is an actual photo of her on top of me probably right before an alarm went off.

She will perch on my chest or my side and steal my breath. Cat nose to my face, if I don’t blindly reach a half-dead arm up and scratch, pet or hug her, she will reach out and swat me in the face.  Sometimes it is a gently placed paw on my cheek, but mostly it’s a gently, retracted claw (thank goodness) slap.  “Get up. Touch me. Don’t ever STOP.”

Color me annoyed, but she is damn effective in getting me out of bed.

It’s a silent game I play with Mimi.  Can I make it out of bed before she notices?

TODAY I WON! I made it up and out of bed, before the alarm.  Before Mimi even noticed I woke up!  I BEAT THE CAT!

Kevin?  Not so much.  When she noticed I wasn’t in bed-I heard my husband’s first expletive words today at 4 am…as she slapped HIM in the head.  It seems Mimi Kitty Kitty has found a new target if I am not there. Note to self.  LOL