Slicing bagels like bread.

I REALLY WANT to make fun of people who find this disturbing . . . but it’s bothering me a little bit too.  Then I think, “I might really LIKE this!”  Oh, I am so confused.

There’s a picture going viral right now of a guy who took two boxes of bagels into work . . . but he had the bagels sliced like loaves of bread.  So instead of a whole or half bagel, you’d just take one or two thin slices of one.

And the reaction on the Internet is . . . mostly HORRIFIED.  As one person tweeted, quote, “You should be ashamed of yourself.”

The guy who bought the bagels says it’s “St. Louis style,” but the people of St. Louis are denying any connection to bagels cut like this.

If you are cutting some carbs or watching portions, it might be awesome. He does say you need to have more cream cheese on hand because of the increased surface area.  Hmmm.