Neil Young was denied dual citizenship because of his marijuana use. Canadian citizen and songwriter, Young, has stated that he was supposed to be granted dual citizenship on Tuesday but that his application is now being looked into further.

Young said he wanted to be granted dual citizenship by the upcoming presidential election so he could register to vote. This election is important to him because of climate change and the lack of attention it’s received from government officials, however, because of a new clause added to the process of U.S. citizenship, Young’s application is up for question.

The part of the application up for question is Neil Young’s “Good Moral Character” or his lack of it. According to the new clause, an applicant who is involved with marijuana may “lack good moral character”. This is regardless of foreign policies or individual state laws. Young claims he’s passed all his other tests and that he hopes he’s exhibited good moral character, despite his marijuana use. Young says he has been very honest about his use of marijuana, which is now backfiring on him.

Young, 74, says he lives and pays taxes in the U.S. so he would like his opinion on elections to count as well. Do you think Neil Young’s citizenship will be granted despite his use of marijuana?


-Intern Megan