The state medical board has disciplined Dr. Michael Schulenberg on Jan. 11th for engaging in unethical or improper conduct, improper management of medical records and for failing to cooperate with an investigation of the board.

Schulenberg is a Minnesotan doctor who had treated Prince days before his death. He had been writing prescriptions for controlled substances for other people, knowing that the pop star would probably be using them. As part of the charge, Schulenberg received a reprimand and is required to pay fines of $4,648.

The investigation into the doctor’s conduct began in 2018, and the DEA’s investigation revealed that Schulenberg had indeed prescribed opioids to Prince, but they were under the name Kirk Johnson, a friend of the musician. Schulenberg had said that Johnson told him that the prescription was only for himself and no one else. Documents also reveal that the doctor never specified or recorded the reason for the prescription. The video below shows Prince walking in Schulenberg’s office days before his death.