Reddit listed all the traditionally masculine things guys don’t like to do.  But the list of things guys do that WOMEN don’t like is even longer.  As you’ll see with today’s list of the . . . Top Masculine Things Guys Do That Women Find Dumb.

Of course this is according to Reddit, so take this with a grain of salt…


  • Turn empty beer cans into architecture.
  • Reminisce about a high school injury that kept them from “going pro.”
  • Yell “Yee-HAW!” when they run a yellow light.
  • Grow a lumberjack beard even though they’ve never cut a lick of wood.
  • Act like they know what a pass interference is.
  • Get their name on a restaurant wall for eating a giant menu item.
  • Unbutton the top half of their shirt under the assumption that lots of chest hair makes up for no head hair.
  • Add flame decals to their car.
  • Create an environmental catastrophe in the garage to save $35 on an oil change.
  • Bowl.