43 Years Ago: Rod Stewart’s ‘Tonight’s the Night’ Hit the Number One Spot

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Iconic British rock singer Rod Stewart began an 8 week run at the top spot on the charts on this day in 1976 with 'Tonight's the Night'. The soft, silky, and sultry song features Stewart's smooth singing and lustful and longing lyrics towards an unnamed lover. However, it does feature some spoken French words from Stewart's then-girlfriend and Swedish actress Britt Eklund during the coda. It has gone on to become one of Rod Stewart's best-known songs. Source -Intern Alex

Excited For Frozen 2? History of Disney Songs

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Kristen Bell, who voices Princess Anna in the upcoming Disney feature Frozen 2, was Jimmy Fallon's guest on Tuesday's The Tonight Show, and joined Jimmy for a mashup of some of the biggest Disney tunes of all time, called, "The History of Disney Songs." The two kicked things off with Disney classics like "When You Wish Upon a Star," "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious," "Can You Feel the Love Tonight?" and "Part of Your World," before capping the medley off with "Remember Me" from Pixar's Coco and "Into the Unknown" from the Frozen 2 soundtrack. Bell closed things out with a few bars from "Let It Go," for good measure. "A History of [...]

Will You Go Small For Thanksgiving?

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When it comes to the Thanksgiving bird, lots of people are saying smaller is better. A new survey found that 59% of respondents said they plan to make or buy a turkey that’s 18 pounds or smaller this year. (Food & Wine) When it comes to Thanksgiving’s main dish – lots of people want to dump it. 26% of survey respondents said they are tired of traditional Thanksgiving food and would prefer other options. A quarter of those surveyed said turkey is the most overrated Thanksgiving dish and 64% said they would switch out the bird with something else. 30% said [...]

Neil Young’s American Citizenship Application Considered “Questionable”

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Neil Young was denied dual citizenship because of his marijuana use. Canadian citizen and songwriter, Young, has stated that he was supposed to be granted dual citizenship on Tuesday but that his application is now being looked into further. Young said he wanted to be granted dual citizenship by the upcoming presidential election so he could register to vote. This election is important to him because of climate change and the lack of attention it's received from government officials, however, because of a new clause added to the process of U.S. citizenship, Young's application is up for question. The part of [...]

Veterans Day Schedule

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Veterans Day Schedule (Monday, November 11, 2019) All Posts, Auxiliaries, and Veterans groups are invited as follows:   9:00 a.m. Veterans Memorial Place 10:00 a.m. WWII Memorial – Wheeler Park 11:00 a.m. WWI Memorial – Sibley Park 12:10 p.m. Vietnam Memorial 1:00 p.m. Boy in Blue Memorial – Lincoln Park   Additional Services Include American Legion Post 11: 10:30 a.m. Oak Lawn Nursing Home 11:30 a.m. Laurels Peak

Going Into the Toy Hall of Fame

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The National Toy Hall of Fame just announced the three toys they'll be inducting this year and they're VERY eclectic picks. The three toys that got enough votes from the experts to make it into the Toy Hall of Fame are:  Matchbox cars . . . "Magic:  The Gathering" cards . . . and coloring books. "Magic:  The Gathering" cards debuted in 1993, which makes them the newest toy ever to make the Hall of Fame.  Until now, the Nintendo Game Boy was the newest . . . it debuted in 1989. There were nine other toys that were nominated this year but didn't get [...]

‘Led Zeppelin IV’ Turns 48 Years Old Today

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Led Zeppelin's iconic fourth studio album, which officially is untitled, was released November 8th, 1971. The album, commonly referred to as 'Led Zeppelin IV' or 'Zoso', went on to become one of the best selling albums of all time, with over 37 million copies sold. Of the eight tracks on the album, nearly all of them have become radio staples over the years, including 'Black Dog', 'Rock and Roll', 'When the Levee Breaks', and the legendary epic 'Stairway to Heaven'. 'IV' routinely makes lists of the greatest albums ever, placing 69th on the Rolling Stone list, 24th by Mojo, and even [...]

New in Theaters

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1.  "Doctor Sleep"  (R) This is a sequel to Stephen King's "The Shining".  It stars Ewan McGregor as a grown-up version of Jack Nicholson's psychic son, Danny Torrance.  Forty years after escaping the Overlook Hotel, Danny's still struggling with the trauma of that night. After he stops using alcohol to suppress his abilities, he gets the nickname of Doctor Sleep while using his powers to help dying patients pass peacefully. But when he meets a young girl with powers as strong as his, he has to protect her from a cult that wants to feed off her psychic energy.  They're led by Rebecca Ferguson.  The kid is played by [...]

Sausage Scented WHAT??

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Jimmy Dean really made us look at wrapping paper in a whole new way . . . when they created SAUSAGE-SCENTED wrapping paper. Well . . . if you missed your chance last year, it's back.  And it's got some new friends. Jimmy Dean is doing its "recipe gift exchange" again this year.  You go to their website, pick a recipe to cook, submit a photo . . . and get to choose a prize. The prizes include the sausage-scented wrapping paper . . . sausage-flavored candy canes . . . sausage lip balm . . . and also, non-sausage-infused things [...]

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